Goodwood Spinal Health is a home run clinic which is owned and managed by myself, Veronica Gray. My Clinic is situated in a quiet a quite cul de sac, with parking on the driveway in front of the clinic. Only a mile away from Camberley town centre.

So who is Veronica Gray?

I am a graduate from the McTimoney College of Chiropractic with a BSc (Hons) degree in Human Chiropractic following with 5 years of intensive study in: Anatomy and Physiology, Biomechanics, Neurology, Pharmacology, Imaging and referral with differential diagnosis.

Since earning my degree I have travelled extensively through Europe and America to further my studies attending courses on the Emmett Technique, Applied Kinesiology and Quantum Neurology. All these courses aid me to bring the best possible service of care for my patients.





  • Three years ago a friend of mine recommended that I visit Veronica as he has been attending regularly and had found the treatment, support and advice superb. Although sceptical, I have been absolutely amazed at the difference Veronica has made, right from the first visit.

    Veronica is polite, kind, courteous and professional. Following a thorough holistic assessment, my personal care plan was formulated and implemented. From being unable to walk, within a couple of treatments I had full mobility restored. I look forward to each maintenance treatment as I feel pain free. It is as if I am back in control rather than the pain controlling me.

    I would highly recommend Veronica to anyone experiencing back pain. She has managed to transform my wreck of a back into a functioning pain free spine. I also very much appreciate that every treatment has been supported by good advice and right guidance. Thank you.

    Mariusz Sasiela
  • Having struggled with an incredibly painful neck, shoulder and arm for several days, a friend referred me to Veronica Gray who she felt sure could help me. I had been near to tears at times as the pain was relentless. Veronica was very welcoming and calm and I have to say I felt immediately safe in her hands! I had been unable to raise my arm much higher than shoulder height, with pain as well as difficulty. Veronica sat for some time taking down my medical details, age etc, before even touching my arm. In fact I was very wary as I had never had this kind of treatment before, but by the time she had finished and asked me to raise and move my arm I felt no pain. A trapped nerve is agony, but once freed the relief is amazing. I went back the following week for a sort of "check up" and now go every three months, with the understanding that if things happen I ring up and go back asap. I have a good rapour with her and feel good that I have such a rewarding visit when I see her!

    Councillor Bedford


My goal is to help you so if you’ve have any questions please just pick up the phone or send me an email.

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